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    Our facility provides young, innovative, technology-based companies access to the tools and support they need to succeed.

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    Our staff of seasoned professionals will support you as you get organized to go to market.

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    The SUNY Fredonia Technology Incubator supports the growth of our clients with mentoring, consulting, technological resources, and paths to capital.

A startup business is a challenging undertaking.

At the SUNY Fredonia Technology Incubator, we offer our client entrepreneurs access to a unique facility, business resources, technology expertise as well as a range of highly qualified faculty, technology experts, business professionals and mentors.

Research shows businesses graduating from an incubator significantly increase their probability of long-term success. We provide our client entrepreneurs with the support, infrastructure, resources, guidance, and expertise necessary to successfully launch a new business. This site gives you an overview of these services and how you can get started growing your own business.


Get the Support you need to be Successful.

Business incubation is a business support process that accelerates the successful development of start-up and fledgling companies by providing entrepreneurs with an array of targeted resources and services. These services are usually developed or orchestrated by incubator management and offered both in the business incubator and through its network of contacts. A business incubator’s main goal is to produce successful firms that will leave the program financially viable and freestanding. These incubator graduates have the potential to create jobs, revitalize neighborhoods, commercialize new technologies, and strengthen local and national economies.  SUNY Fredonia’s Technology Incubator leverages the strengths of New York’s State University system and the businesses and communities of Western New York to provide you with the support to launch and build your business.

The SUNY Fredonia Technology Incubation Program will help with flexible rental terms for office space, administrative support services, business center, and assistance in the form of coaching, counseling, mentoring and networking.

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