Our Board

Our Board of Directors includes veteran and diverse leadership assembled from SUNY Fredonia, the community, local business, and local political leadership.

Chairman: Virginia Horvath, Ph.D., President, SUNY Fredonia

President: Kevin Kearns, Ph.D., Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research, SUNY Fredonia

Vice President: Robert Baum, Chief Technology Officer, Applied Resources, Inc.

Treasurer: Russell Boisjoly, D.B.A., Dean, School of Business, SUNY Fredonia

Secretary: Robert H. Fritzinger, Director of SUNY Fredonia Technology Incubator (ex officio)

Director: John G. Baust, Ph.D, Director, Institute of Biomedical Technology, SUNY Binghamton

Director: Heather Hage, Esq., Senior Director of Innovation and Partnerships, The Research Foundation of SUNY

Director: William Daly, Administrative Director/CEO, Chautauqua County Industrial Development Agency

Director: A. J. Dolce, Mayor of Dunkirk, New York

Director: Walter J. Gotowka, President, Lawley-Tradition Agency, Inc.

Director: John Kijinksi, Ph.D., Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, SUNY Fredonia

Director: Susan McNamara, Ph.D., Executive Director, Chautauqua Works

Director: Kurt Maytum, President and CTO, DFT Communications

Director: Stephen Schillo, Vice President of Finance & Administration, SUNY Fredonia


Our Team

Our staff provides business planning, technology and business management from a staff of seasoned professionals.

Executive Director: Robert Fritzinger

Administrative Assistant: Tammi Sullivan

Accounting Intern: Aaron Valeska

Web & Marketing Intern: Ryan Smith

Campus Awareness Intern: Daniel Hahn