Business Profile

AVtick’s mission is to evolve the social media and networking experience for today’s mobile-centric lifestyle. AVtick wants to bring the sound of audio and our voices to our mobile-based social interactions, and more importantly, make our personal interactions become easier to share, our lives happier, and more personable. Essentially, an audio-and-voice based social media and networking experience.



AVtick moved into the Incubator Spring 2012. The company’s goal is to create and build their first mobile application iteration, slated for iPhone and more importantly, to help launch the entrepreneurial journey that will lead to good things for everyone involved. A product that will be engaging and add value to consumer’s lives, build a workforce of highly creative and talented employees, and improve the connectivity and social experiences of all of us involved.



Michael Manthey recently launched a RocketHub crowd funding campaign to raise the seed capital to fund the first iteration of the iPhone Application, with long-term goals to build out the product, and roll it out to other operating systems such as Android and iPad. To view AVtick’s crowd funding campaign, please visit www.tinyurl.com/avtick.

AVtick will be accepting intern applications this fall, for the following spring 2014 semester. As AVtick gains traction, the company plans to slowly and intelligently hire talented employees who will contribute over time.



Western NY native and graduate from Niagara University, Mike Manthey is a first-time entrepreneur.  Manthey was born with Nager Acrofacial Dysostosis syndrome.  Recognizing his own struggles with communicating face-to-face, Manthey hopes to raise the bar with effective and personal communication on a mobile platform.


Contact: Michael Manthey

214 Central Avenue
Dunkirk, NY 14048
Email: mmanthey@avtick.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/avtick