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 “Skill testing + Academic Road map + Exposure to Coaches = Success”

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The Center for Sports Skills Measurement and Improvement is the connection between student athletes, parents, and coaches from all over the country. Athletes can track academic and athletic progress while showing off their talent to hundreds of coaches across the nation. Parents have the ability to keep track of your student athlete’s progress throughout his or her career. Coaches can find track and follow athletes and filter according to skill, academics, and much more.

The Center helps athletes improve, parents stay informed, and coaches explore information on the nation’s athletes, all in one place.


The Center for Sports Skill Measurement & Improvement was inspired by Perry Husband and his pioneering work in bringing objective data to the baseball and softball world. The Center will expand that mission to other sports for the benefit of athletes around the world. The Center for Sports joined the SUNY Fredonia Technology Incubator in July 2011.


August 2012, Center for Sports was one of the four companies from the Western Region nominated for the “100 Best University Startups” given by the National Council for Entrepreneurial Tech Transfer (NCET2).

The Center for Sports’ Perry Husband was mentioned in an article on for his growing scientific concept in baseball called “effective velocity”. The idea is that a pitcher establishes the hitter’s “attention” with velocity, pitch selection, and location. Husband has analyzed every pitch thrown in baseball in the past few years. To read the full article, visit not-lucky-baseball-win-title.


President and CEO, Kevin Morse, founded the Center for Sports Skills Measurement and Improvement in 2010.

Morse is also the owner of STARS, a membership driven facility founded in 2007, developed around the idea of objective measurement to improve performance. STARS routinely tests arm speed, pitch speed spreads, bat speed, exit speed, line drive consistency, reaction time and foot speed.

Morse is a Certified Perry Husband Trainer in effective velocity and maximizing tee exit speed through swing efficiency.


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Contact: Kevin Morse • President and CEO •

214 Central Avenue, Suite 229
Dunkirk, NY 14048